KamTris - the Game

KamTris is a small erotic game that combines the Kama Sutra and Tetris.
The basis of the game process is to compose love pairs from falling figures, by rotating and moving them. If the couple comes into contact in a suitable posture, after mating, it frees the playing space.
The game is planned as free, with in-app purchases, without connecting third-party ad networks.
However, the sponsors of the game will get embedded in the game advertising banners, unlike the advertising networks shown and working when there is no Internet connection or adblock software present.

Current state

At the moment the game engine is made, the mechanics of the game are working, the initial graphics are drawn. Created 40 levels for the passage of the game. The game is in a playable state and is distributed through the Android-Adult games store Mikandi.

Link to game in Mikandi store

In Google Play game was banned.

Screenshots and video

Planned features

To release a full-fledged game, I want to implement the following features:
  • A more detailed drawing and animating of the contact of pairs in different poses.
  • Gallery of all possible poses in the game, with the opening as you go through.
  • Additional content store - different characters, backgrounds etc.


To implement these features I will already need the help of professional designers, which must be paid for. Therefore, I will be happy with any possible help from anyone.

I started a campaign on Indiegogo - you can support me there.

You can discuss personally with me possible assistance - send me email to oasandios@gmail.com.

As a reward, I can offer a mention of you in the credits of the game, getting various bonuses in the game, getting exclusive versions of the game and content that is not available to ordinary users. For large sponsors, I can suggest placing their advertising banners in the in-game environment and in the game intro. These banners will be shown to players regardless of the presence of Internet connection and advertising blockers and will link to the address provided by you.

Pledges video

In this video you can see the proposed pledges in more detail.


Here you can download the demo version of the game.
Android version
You must allow installation from unknown sources in Settings\Security for install apk.

Windows version